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Carrier Programmable Thermostats ¿ A variety of units from Carrier¿s Experts, designed to help you keep your home comfortable.
Infinity Series

Carrier Infinity Thermostat Control System Infinity Thermostat Control System
The Infinity Thermostat Control System is the ultimate control center for all of your heating and air conditioning system components. Lets you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, and seven-day programming lets you customize your family¿s comfort for day-to-day life.

Performance Series

heating_cooling_thermidistat_performance_BCarrier Thermidistat Control
Carrier Thermidistat¿ Control ¿ A Carrier Thermidistat¿ Control puts you in charge of both temperature and humidity, so you can truly enjoy customized comfort, while offering an attractive appearance and simple operation.
heating_cooling_thermostat_performance_CPerformance Series Programmable Thermostats
Carrier Programmable Thermostats ¿ Carrier Programmable Thermostats provide customized comfort and energy savings that can be set to match your lifestyle. With a Carrier Programmable Thermostat, you can reliably monitor your comfort system for long-lasting comfort you can count on.
heating_cooling_wireless_thermostat_DPerformance Series Wireless Thermostat
Carrier Wireless Programmable Thermostat ¿ From the family room to the kitchen, from a baby's room to your own bedroom, this programmable thermostat puts responsive comfort control in the palm of your hand. With a large display and simple up-and-down arrow control buttons, the remote temperature sensor/control unit is easy to read and use.
heating_cooling_flushmount_thermostat_EPerformance Series Programmable Thermostat
Carrier Programmable Thermostat ¿ The Carrier Programmable Thermostat offers the comfort and efficiency of a programmable thermostat in an ultra-slim package. The Programmable Thermostat's flush-mount design is mounted IN your wall ¿ with a faceplate that extends just 3/8 of an inch from the surface ¿ instead of being mounted ON your wall.
heating_cooling_programmable_thermostat_48JZCarrier Low-Profile Programmable Thermostat
Carrier Low-Profile Programmable Thermostat ¿ Enjoy the extra comfort and energy efficiency of a seven-day programmable thermostat without disrupting your home's décor. This fully featured comfort control is as easy to use as it is attractive, with a large continuously lit display and soft, responsive up-and-down buttons.


heating_cooling_non_programmable_thermostat_GCarrier Thermostat
Carrier Thermostat ¿ The state-of-the-art Carrier Thermostat employs technology to control your comfort, combining smart technology for efficiency and comfort with user-friendly features for added convenience.
heating_cooling_thermostats_50GX_GSCarrier Standard Programmable Thermostat
Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat ¿ The Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat offers the best of both worlds for comfort, with energy-saving programmability and ease of use. The Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat lets you enjoy the benefits of creating a personalized comfort schedule in a design that is compact, versatile and very easy to use.
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