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Indoor and Outdoor Small Air Handler

39SH – Indoor Horz Economy – 400 to 8,500 cfm
39SV – Indoor Vert Economy – 800 to 4,000 cfm
39SR – Outdoor – 800 to 8,500 cfm
39SM – Indoor Modular – 1,600 to 8,500 cfm

Carrier 39S Central Station Air Handler

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Available Documents
Type Title Released
Guide Specifications
  39SH,SV,SR,SM Guide Specifications, 400 to 8,500 Nominal Cfm
Installation; Start-Up; Service
  39SH,SV,SM,SR00-17 Indoor and Outdoor Air Handlers
Marketing, Programs
  GSA Schedule 84 Catalog
Product Data
  39SH,SV,SR,SM00-17 Indoor and Outdoor Air Handlers, 400 to 8,500 Nominal Cfm
Software, Electronic Catalog
  AHUBuilder v6.35
  AHUBuilder v6.35 Patch Install

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