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Commercial Split-System
With Puron® Refrigerant

- Cooling only, 6 to 20 Tons Single Stage Cooling
- Cooling only, 10 to 20 Tons Two Stage Cooling
- Heat Pump, 6 to 20 Tons


The GEMINI 38AU series outdoor units and matched with the 40RU series indoor air handlers offer a wide variety of options for your HVAC application needs. Whether it's first cost with the single circuit 38AUZ series or superior part load performance from two stages of cooling with the 38AUD series or year around energy savings with the 38AUQ heat pump series. This series is designed for long dependable operation whether it's a rooftop or on-the-ground installation. All GEMINI 38AU and 40RU series units use environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. Together, they create a reliable split system that provides easy solutions to a wide range of commercial HVAC needs.
Performance Features
  • 38AUZ single circuit cooling only System EERs from 11.0 to11.5
  • 38AUD two cooling stages with EERs from 11.0 to 11.2
  • 38AUQ Heat Pump EERs up to 11.0 and 3.5 COP
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Efficiency Compliant
  • Novation™ Aluminum fin / aluminum tube coils or round tube / plate fin coils
  • Standard crankcase heater
  • Compressor vibration isolation
  • Low ambient temperature control (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
  • Unit performance certified in accordance with ARI standard 340/360
Reliability Features
  • Prepainted, galvanized steel cabinets
  • High and low-pressure switches
  • Anti-short cycling protection
  • Cabinet passes 500-hour salt-spray test
  • Compressor overload protection
  • Scroll compressor
  • E-Coat coil protection (factory-installed option)
  • Heat pumps with refrigerant accumulators
  • UL, UL, Canada or ETL approved
Installation Features
  • Shipped with Puron (R-410A) refrigerant partial charge
  • Single-piece design
  • Perimeter base rail with forklift slots and lifting holes facilitates rigging
  • Suitable for mounting on the ground or the rooftop
  • 24-v control circuit transformer permits quick, easy wiring of thermostats
Maintenance Features
  • Powered and non-powered 115-v convenience outlet (factory-installed option)
  • Compressor access panel with easy grip handle
  • Easy starting, no-strip screw feature
  • Non-fused disconnect switch (factory-installed option)
  • Comfort Alert™ diagnostic board
Standard Limited Warranty
  • 5 years parts only on compressor
  • 3 years parts only on Novation™ condenser coil
  • One year parts only on all other parts
Factory-Installed Options
Disconnect switch (non-fused)
Condenser coil options:
  • Aluminum fins / Aluminum tubes:
    • Non-coated
    • E-coated
Convenience outlet (115-v)
Low ambient temperature Motormaster® control
Louvered hail guards
Field-Installed Accessories
Low ambient temperature Motormaster control
Condenser coil grille
Louvered hail guard
Programmable thermostats
Puron evironmentally sound refrigerantAHRI standard 340/360 unitary large ac

Additional Information
Physical data
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