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33ZCVVTZC-01 3V™

VVT® Zone Controller
3V™ Control System
HVAC Equipment 3V Packaged Control System Zone Controller

The VVT zone controller is a single duct, variable volume and temperature terminal control with a factory-integrated controller and actuator. The VVT zone controller maintains precise temperature control in the space by regulating the flow of conditioned air into the space.

Buildings with diverse loading conditions can be supported by controlling reheat (single duct only) or supplemental heat. The VVT zone controller can support two-position hot water, modulating hot water, 3-stage electric heat, or combination baseboard and ducted heat. software connection to the module via Carrier network communications.
The VVT Zone Controller is a component of Carrier's 3V Control System and is used to provide zone level temperature and air quality control for Variable Volume and Temperature Applications. The VVT zone controller can be operated and configured through the Carrier communicating network with the System Pilot user interface.

  • Provides pressure dependent (VVT)
  • Uses Proportional Integral Derivative
  • Mounts directly onto VVT terminal
  • Optional terminal fan control
    • Terminal fan control requires the VVT Zone Controller Option Board P/N 33ZCOPTBRD-01
  • Optional auxiliary heating control of: two-position hot water; one, two, or three-stage electric; modulating hot water valve; or combination radiant/ ducted heat stages
    • Auxiliary heating requires the VVT Zone Controller Option Board P/N 33ZCOPTBRD-01
  • VVT control for terminals up to 2.7 sq. ft inlet
  • Quick and easy commissioning and balancing process via a dedicated maintenance table for system wide air balancing
  • Capable of stand-alone operation with supply-air temperature sensor
  • Actuator preassembled to housing with conduit box and hinged covers
  • Capable of zone level demand controlled ventilation support with field-installed CO2 sensor
  • Communicates to all Carrier 3V networked devices
  • Capable of high-speed 38.4 kilobaud communications network operation
  • 128 Controller maximum system (must be located on same network bus segment)
  • Up to 32 zone controllers per system
  • Capable of zone humidity monitoring with field-installed humidity sensor
  • Carrier Linkage System capability
  • Global set point and occupancy scheduling
  • Sensor averaging
  • Foreign language support for ASCII based character set
  • Dedicated port for System Pilot connection
  • Can drive up to 4 linked damper actuators
  • Capable of local set point adjustment using field installed temperature sensor (with temperature offset)
  • Both controller housing and actuator are UL94-5V plenum rated
  • Control complies with ASHRAE 62.1

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