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Commercial Split-System
Air-Cooled Condensing Units
6 to 10 Nominal Tons

38ARZ - Single Circuit Scroll, 6-10 Tons
38ARS - Single Circuit Semi-Hermetic, 10 Tons
38ARD - Dual Circuit Scroll, 10-20 Tons
38AKS - Single Circuit Semi-Hermetic, 12½-20 Tons
38ARZ Condensing Units

Matching Gemini 38 Series outdoor condensing units with Carrier’s indoor air-handling units and direct expansion coils forms dependable split systems to provide a wide selection of commercial cooling solutions. Units are suitable for on-the-ground or rooftop installation.
Performance Features
  • System EERs up to 11.3
  • Copper tubes with aluminum fins
  • Standard crankcase heater
  • Oil-level sight glass (38ARS,AKS)
  • Compressor vibration isolation
  • 2 compressors and 2 refrigerant circuits (38ARD)
  • Low ambient temperature control (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
  • Unit performance certified in accordance with ARI standard 360
Reliability Features
  • Prepainted, galvanized steel cabinets
  • High and low-pressure switches
  • Anti-short cycling protection
  • Cabinet passes 500-hour salt-spray test
  • Compressor overload protection
  • Scroll compressor (38ARZ,ARD)
  • Semi-hermetic compressor (38ARS,AKS)
  • Enviro-Shield™ coil protection (factory-installed option)
  • UL and UL, Canada approved
Installation Features
  • Shipped with R-22 holding charge
  • Single-piece
  • On-the-ground or rooftop installation
  • 24-v control circuit transformer permits quick, easy wiring of thermostats
  • Perimeter base rail with forklift slots and lifting holes facilitates rigging (38ARZ,ARS,38ARD012)
Maintenance Features
  • 115-v convenience outlet (not available on 38AKS) (factory-installed option)
  • Non-fused disconnect switch (not available on 38AKS) (factory-installed option)
Standard Warranty
  • One year warranty
Factory-Installed Options
Disconnect switch (non-fused) (not available on 38AKS)
Condenser coil options:
  • Copper fins:
    • Non-coated
    • E-coated
  • Aluminum fins:
    • Non-coated
    • Pre-coated
    • E-coated
Convenience outlet (115-v) (not available on 38AKS)
Low ambient temperature Motormaster® control (not available on 38AKS)
Field-Installed Accessories
Gage panel package
Low ambient temperature Motormaster control
Condenser coil grille
Hail guard (38ARZ,ARS,38ARD012 only)
PremierLink™ controls
Programmable thermostats
Electric unloader package (38ARS,AKS)
AHRI standard 340/360 unitary large acc-ul-us

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