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Chilled Beams
11 to 190 cfm (Active Beams)
Carrier 36CB Induction Unit

The 36CB chilled beam system cools using chilled water passing through a ceiling mounted unit. Active chilled beams operate with induction where incoming pre-treated primary air induces room air through the coil in the beam. Passive chilled beams cool with natural convection. Sensible cooling done at the beams enables greater efficiency with smaller volumes of ducted air, allowing fan power reductions at the central air handling equipment. The 36CB chilled beams offer a flexibility of size and air distribution patterns, quiet operation, heating and cooling functions, and LEED® certification support.
Performance Features
  • Active (supplied primary air) and passive models
  • 11-190 CFM primary air for active models
  • Low sound
  • Dry coil operation
  • Two or four pipe operation
  • Both flush with ceiling and exposed mounted models
  • Flush mount unit is designed for standard 2’x4’ drop ceiling
  • Adjustable slots to meet airflow requirements
  • Flow pattern control (FPC) allows vane adjustment in 15 degree increments (factory installed option)
  • High airflow provided by a second row of holes on the beam (factory-installed option)
  • Constant and even air movement in the room
Reliability Features
  • No moving parts
  • No electrical components
Maintenance Features
  • No filters to change
  • Coil can be vacuumed once every 5 years by easily removing bottom panel
Installation Features
  • No electrical connections required
  • Simple snap-in mounting brackets
  • Smaller duct requirements
  • Easy zone reconfigurations
Standard Warranty
  • One-Year parts
Factory-Installed Options
Extended casings
Heating coil
Flow pattern control
High airflow (active beams)
Field-Installed Accessories
Mounting brackets
Suspension rods
End of unit enclosures
Casing adapter (connects passive beams in series)
Flexible hose kit
Gage rod (for measuring slot openings)

Additional Information
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