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Water Control Induction Air Terminal
20 to 130 cfm

The 36S air terminal is used with water control Weathermaster® induction systems for space-saving and economical air conditioning in office buildings, hotels, schools, and apartments to provide year-round comfort in each room.
Performance Features
  • Primary airflow capacities from 20 to 130 cfm
  • Sound absorbing primary air plenum
  • Low sound levels
  • 2 or 4-pipe systems (factory-installed option)
  • Vertical, horizontal, low profile, and high performance arrangements
  • Internal balancing damper for airflow
  • Constant air movement
  • 5 available nozzle arrangements (factory-installed option)
Reliability Features
  • No moving parts
Maintenance Features
  • No electrical components that can break down
  • Easily removable and cleanable lint screen
Installation Features
  • No electrical connections required
  • Simple mounting on wall mounting strip (field-installed accessory)
  • Smaller duct requirements than traditional VAV duct systems
Standard Warranty
  • One-year parts
Factory-Installed Options
Manual air vents on coils
Drainable condensate pan
Nozzle arrangement options
2 or 4-pipe system
Field-Installed Accessories
Wall mounting strip
Air transition fitting
Lint screens

Additional Information
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