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Single Package Rooftop
Heat Pump Units
12.5 and 15 Nominal Tons

50HJQ Rooftop Heat Pump

50HJQ014, 016 units are Carrier’s best 12.5 and 15 ton, electric heat pump outdoor packaged units. These units feature both industry leading cooling efficiencies and Carlyle 06D serviceable semi-hermetic compressors.

Performance Features
  • Single 06D semi-hermetic compressor with one electric unloader on size 014 units
  • Dual 06D semi-hermetic compressors are electrically and mechanically independent refrigeration circuits on all size 016 units
  • Liquid line filter driers
  • Low outdoor temperature cooling operation to 40° F is standard
  • Two-stage cooling on all models
  • Automatic changeover (when used with auto-changeover thermostat)
  • Two-inch, disposable-type fiberglass return air filters
Installation Features
  • Compressor suction and discharge service valves
  • Single point electrical service entry
  • Adjustable speed main blower drivers
Reliability Features
  • Provision for horizontal return standard on base unit
  • Manually adjustable outside air intake for up to 25% outside air
Maintenance Features
  • Compressor protection includes high and low-pressure cutouts, overcurrent and overtemperature protection.
  • Dual freezestat protection
  • Crankcase heaters are standard
  • Compressor circuit-breaker protection standard
  • Time Guard II control is standard on both size 014 and on lead compressor on size 016
  • Three direct-drive propeller condenser-fan motors are internally protected
  • Cabinet made of Weather Armor pre-painted, baked enamel finish and insulated with neoprene-coated fiberglass
  • Control circuit protected by circuit breaker
  • Spring return on power-loss EconoMi$er IV
Standard Warranty
  • Standard one-year product warranty
  • Five-year warranty on the compressor
  • Five-year warranty on factory-installed electric heaters
Factory Installed OptionField Installed Accessory
25% open two-position damperYes
Alternate motors and drivesYesYes
Barometric relief damper (not for use with horizontal roof curb)Yes
Convenience outlet (load side)Yes
Copper fins Indoor and outdoor coilYes
Copper fins outdoor coilYes
E-coat outdoor coil (aluminum)Yes
E-coat outdoor coil (copper)Yes
EconoMi$er IV with controllerYesYes
EconoMi$er2 (without controller)YesYes
Electric heatYes
Electronic programmable thermostatYes
Emergency heat packageYes
Fan/filter statusYes
Hinged access panelsYes
Horizontal adapter curbYes
Hinged panel kit for economizerYes
Hydronic glycol coilYes
Indoor air quality (CO2) sensorYes
Manual outdoor-air damperYes
Motormaster® V head pressure control (low ambient kit)Yes
Novar controlYes
Outdoor air enthalpy sensorYes
Power exhaust without barometric reliefYes
Pre-coat aluminum fins on outdoor coilYes
PremierLink™ DDC communicating controlYesYes
Return air enthalpy sensorYes
Return air temperature sensorYes
Roof curbs (vertical and horizontal discharge)Yes
Thermostats and subbasesYes
Time Guard II control circuit (compressor cycle delay)Yes
Unit-mounted non-fused disconnectYes
Winter start time delayYes
Energy starashrae90.1ARI standard 340-360Canada, us etlc-etl
ARI 340All 208-230, 460-V UnitsAll Units

Additional Information
Physical data
RTU-MP Controller
Coil Protection
Hinged Panels
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