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Fan Powered Terminal

45J – Series - Nominal 90 to 3900 Cfm
45M – Parallel - Nominal 90 to 3700 Cfm
Carrier 45J Fan Powered Terminal

The 45J and 45M fan-powered units are designed to maintain optimum temperatures in the conditioned zone through the accurate mixing of plenum return air and cold primary air. The 45J,M terminals offer excellent performance characteristics and affordability in a compact unit with optimum physical dimensions.
  • Airflow capacities from 90 to 3900 cfm
  • Round inlet sizes from 6 in. through 16 in. diameter
  • 22 gage, galvanized steel casing construction
  • Suitable for low, medium, or high pressure applications
  • Linear, multiple-point, averaging velocity sensor with an amplified signal
  • Damper blade has a flexible gasket for tight airflow shutoff
  • Damper blade operates over a full 90 degrees
  • All damper assemblies utilize a solid ½ in. shaft that rotates in self-lubricating Delrin® bearings
  • Pressure independent or dependent controls include PIC (product integrated controls) or Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN), analog, pneumatic, and Gen. III or 3V™ controls (factory-installed option)
  • Electric or hot water reheat coils (factory-installed option)
  • Multiple casing liners available (factory-installed option)
  • Electric heat (1 to 3 stages) or proportional heat (factory-installed option)
  • Unit casing lined with ½ in. thick, 1-1/2 lb dual density fiberglass insulation that meets UL 181 and NFPA 90A
  • Certified performance in accordance with ARI Standard 880
Reliability Features
  • 20 gage, galvanized steel heaters are ETL listed in accordance with UL standards
  • Heaters equipped with:
    • Primary automatic and secondary manual reset thermal cutout
    • Deenergizing magnetic contactors
    • Airflow proving switch
    • 80/20 Ni-Cr elements
    • Strong integral panel/post construction
  • Strong integral panel/post construction
Maintenance Features
  • NEMA 2 steel control enclosure for electric or electronic components
  • Removable bottom access panel for easy accessibility during routine inspections and maintenance
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, airflow (cfm), balancing chart, and tagging data
Installation Features
  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive connections provides quick and easy connection to downstream ductwork
  • Compact unit casing accommodates installation in reduced ceiling plenum space
  • Factory-installed controls
  • All round collars accommodate standard spiral and flex duct sizes
  • Balancing taps provided for easy airflow verification
  • Single point electrical connection
Standard Warranty
  • One-year parts
Factory-Installed Options
Control options:
  • Analog electronic controls
  • PIC direct digital electronic controls (PIC or CCN)
  • Pneumatic controls
  • VVT® (variable volume and temperature) electronic controls (Gen. III or 3V™)
  • No controls or field-supplied DDC (direct digital controls) third party controls
Left-hand or right-hand control enclosure (dust-tight)
Hanger brackets
Hot water coils (1 or 2 rows)
Liner options:
  • 1 in. thick, dual density fiberglass
  • Foil encapsulated
  • Cellular (fiber free)
Cam locks (bottom access panel)
Vent and drain on water coils
Electric heat (1 to 3 stages)
Proportional SSR (solid-state relays) electric heat
Electric heater options:
  • Fused door interlocking disconnect switch
  • Non-fused door interlocking disconnect switch
  • Mercury contactors
  • Fuse block with fuses for primary overload protection
  • Dust-tight construction
  • Manual reset thermal cutout
20 gage, galvanized steel casing
Motor fusing
Recirculated air filter
ECM (electronically commutated motor) motors (45J)
6 in. recirculated inlet attenuator
Field-Installed Accessories
Remote wall sensor
Supply-air temperature sensor
CO2 sensor
AHRI standard 880 air terminalsCanada, us etl

Additional Information
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