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33CS220-01 Debonair®

Commercial Programmable Thermostat

Carrier 33CS250-01 Programmable Thermostat

  • 7-day programmable thermostat with 4 time periods
  • Large Thermoglow¿ display
  • Auto-changeover
  • Energy-saving Smart Fan
  • NEVERLOST¿ memory
  • Three levels of security and keypad lockout
  • Unoccupancy override
  • Holiday programming
  • Built-in Time Guards
Carrier's Debonair 33CS220-01 commercial programmable thermostat is a wall-mounted, low-voltage thermostat which maintains room temperature by controlling operation of an HVAC system. Separate heating and cooling set points with autochangeover capability allow occupied and unoccupied programming. Copy command eases programming and saves time when there are similar multiple daily schedules.

Energy-saving Smart Fan operates the fan continously during occupied periods and only when heating/cooling is enabled during unoccupied periods.

Large Thermoglow display showing room temperature and adjustable dual temperature set points makes vital information easy to read.

Thermostat can be programmed and configured for use with many different applications including single-stage heating and cooling, 2 stages of heating and cooling, heat pumps, gas or electric heating, and hydronic systems.
Reliability for year-round comfort
One-degree control accuracy precisely controls the desired space temperature to within 1 degree of user set point. The thermostat uses a solid-state, laser-trimmed sensor.

NEVERLOST memory protection on the thermostat eliminates the need to reprogram the thermostat after power outages. Comfort programming and configuration will remain intact indefinitely. No batteries required.

Service filter indicator lets maintenance personnel know when the filter needs cleaning or replacing, which aids in equipment efficiency and prolongs equipment life.
Safety features for added security and protection
Three levels of security and keypad lockout protects against unauthorized usage of the thermostat. Set points and thermostat configurations are protected by locking out keypad operation. An easily memorized button sequence unlocks the keypad and allows access to configuration and set point information.

Five-minute compressor time guard protects HVAC equipment by preventing compressor short cycling and limits the number of cycles per hour with an adjustable cycle limit.

Additional Information
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