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Rooftop Heat Pump Units
20 and 25 Nominal Tons

50EJQ - Vertical Discharge
50EWQ - Horizontal Discharge
50EJQ Rooftop Heatpump Unit

Carrier E-Series Rooftop Heat Pumps exceed all 20-25 ton industry market requirements. They are available as dedicated downshot and side supply/return models. Roof curb mounted, downshot supply/return models are designated 50EJQ. Dedicated side supply/return models are 50EWQ. The 50EJQ and EWQ models feature industry leading industrial grade cabinet construction with fully hinged tool-less entry access panels, gear drive low leak economizer and hood assembly, superior fan performance up to 3.5” of external static, dual independent refrigeration circuits with Carrier semi-hermetic compressors and service valves, upgradeable Direct Digital Controls, and available centrifugal fan power exhaust. Standard Microprocessor Control now IAQ compatible.

Performance Features
  • Dual semi-hermetic compressors with service valves
  • Dual refrigeration circuits
  • Two-stage cooling
  • Cooling operation range up to 115° F ambient and down to 35° F ambient
  • 115-volt and 24-volt control circuit
  • Sloped, aluminized steel condensate pan
  • Two-inch disposable-type return air filters
  • Integrated gear-driven economizer with direct-drive actuator and low leak dampers
  • Fixed speed belt-drive blower drive
  • High-efficiency motors meet EPACT (Alternate motors are available)
  • Outside air hoods with permanent filters
  • Meets or exceed the EER requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004
  • Rated in accordance with ARI Standard 340
  • Designed in accordance with UL Standard 1995
  • Listed by ETL and ETL, Canada
  • Microprocessor control:
    • Time clock with backup
    • Time Schedules including holidays and daylight savings
    • Space temperature sensor capability
    • Service diagnostics, alarms and alarm history
    • CO2 sensor capability for Demand Control Ventilation
    • Self-diagnostic service and start up Run Test capability
    • Carrier Comfort Network® communications or standalone operation
    • Remote start/stop capability
Maintenance Features
  • Large hinged service access doors
Installation Features
  • Single point electrical service entry, thru unit bottom or side
  • Lifting lugs
Reliability Features
  • Dual electrically and mechanically independent refrigeration circuits
  • Crankcase heaters are standard on all models
  • Compressor protection includes high and low safety cutouts
  • Short-cycle compressor protection
  • Coil frost protection
  • Liquid line filter driers
  • Circuit breaker protection for all power components
  • Cabinet made of Weather Armor pre-painted, galvanized steel with baked enamel finish, which meets ASTM B117 salt spray resistance
  • Condenser-fan motors are totally enclosed, with internal protection
Standard Limited Warranty
  • Standard one-year warranty
  • Five-year pro-rated warranty on electric heater elements is standard when heater is factory installed
Options and Accessories
Factory Installed Option Field Installed Accessory
Input expansion module x
Motormaster® low ambient controller x
i-Vú x
BACNet Interface x
Modbus Interface x
LONworks Interface x
Controls User Interface
System Pilot x
Touch Pilot x
Navigator plug-in hand-held device x
Communicating and non-communicating thermostats x
Programmable and non-programmable x
Outdoor air enthalpy sensor x
Return air enthalpy sensor x
Return air CO2 sensor x
Return air smoke detector x
Space temperature sensor x
Space CO2 sensor x
Fan status switch x
Plugged filter switch x
Electric Heat
Electric Heat x x
Two-stage, space temperature control x
Cooling Coils
Outdoor coil
Copper tubes / aluminum fins x
Copper tubes / copper fins x
Epoxy-coated copper tubes / aluminum fins x
Epoxy-coated copper tubes / copper fins x
Pre-coated copper tubes / aluminum fins x
Energy Recovery
Energy recovery ventilator (heat wheel) 62M x
Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality (CO2) sensor x
UV-C Lights x
Outdoor Air Intake Devices
Manual dampers x
Economizer (Modulating damper w/min position)
Dry bulb control x
Enthalpy control x  
Differential enthalpy control x
Building Pressure Relief
Barometric relief
Barometric relief x
Power exhaust
Centrifugal fan x
Two-stage x
Multi-stage with building pressure control x
Supply Fan Motors and Drives
High efficiency motor x
Unit Physical Protection
Hail guard (standard hood assembly) x
Roof curbs
14" (vertical or horizontal applications) x
Single piece for base unit and 62M x
Supply Air
Vertical x
Horizontal x
Return Air
Vertical x
Horizontal x
ASHRAE 90.1AHRI standard 340/360 unitary large acCanada, us etl

Additional Information
Physical data
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