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PureComfort™ - Cooling, Heating, Power Solution

PureComfort Cooling, Heating, Power Carrier Commercial Service provides PureComfort™, an ultra-efficient natural gas driven combined cooling, heat and power (CHP) solution based on microturbines.

PureComfort generates electricity on-site while at the same time recovering exhaust energy to provide space cooling, heating, and hot water. This highly efficient systems provide the lowest energy cost and environmental impact when compared to traditional utility power alone. One Combined Heating Heat and Power system can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 10,000 pounds every year.

Solutions consist of either four, five or six 60 kW microturbines and a double-effect absorption chiller/heater, reaching efficiencies up to 90%.

High energy efficiency:

  • Provides high-efficiency cooling, heating, and power which can reduce energy spending by up to $350,000 annually for each system.

Reliable power:

  • Power is generated continuously at the your location, reducing your dependency on the grid and minimizing power interruption.

Environmentally friendly:

  • Uses no ozone depleting fluorocarbons.
  • Produce ultra-low emissions which can qualify your building for financial incentives.

Pre-engineered solution:

  • Pre-engineered solutions give you the flexibility to choose the model and configuration best suited to your needs without having to develop a fully customized solution.

Remote monitoring:

  • Carrier can monitor your PureComfort system 24/7 and respond quickly if there's ever a need.
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