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17DA Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

17DA Water-Cooled Chiller Carrier’s 17DA chiller delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency in large-tonnage chilled water applications. The experts at Carrier will help you design a 17DA to precisely match your specifications, in capacities from 3,000 to 5,500 tons. Each unit is custom built to meet the exacting quality manufacturing standards of both Carrier and ASME.

The advanced compressor design incorporates variable inlet guide vanes and a diffuser ring which act together to control the flow of refrigerant through the single-stage, high efficiency shrouded impeller. This feature delivers optimum performance and efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions without the need for hot gas bypass.

The 17DA design process features analysis of all operational criteria, including:

  • Compressor size
  • Drive selection
  • Variable speed drive
  • Heat exchanger
  • Flow rates
  • Temperature rise conditions

Open drive design offers flexibility in drive source options:

  • Motor
  • Turbine

Heat exchanger choices include:

  • Length and size of vessels
  • Tube material and thickness
  • Pass arrangement

Iso-carbon seal provides reliability and easy maintenance:

  • Only 3 wearing parts
  • Allows for easy access servicing
  • Prevents refrigerant loss during shutdown
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