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Software for HVAC Design Professionals

Carrier offers software solutions to assist the HVAC design professional. Many of these software solutions are available on-line. Should you have any questions concerning these programs, please contact our support line at 1-800-253-1794 or

C-Cat CD
E-CAT: Product Electronic Catalogs
Carrier's Electronic Catalog is a series of software programs available to the HVAC design community. These programs assist in the selection, specification, and application of specific Carrier models of commercial HVAC equipment. Each class of equipment (e.g. rooftop packaged cooling/heating units) has its own program which can be downloaded separately. Each program has a selection procedure optimized for the class of equipment, and provides outputs with all pertinent engineering information about the unit selected - as applied. The programs can also predict equipment operating characteristics at off-peak conditions. Most of the E-CAT programs also include Electronic Templates, which are DXF-based equipment drawings, drawn to scale with connection and clearance information included. The templates are targeted for laying out equipment in CAD drawings. Click here to see the E-CAT programs available for download.

E20-II CD Image
eDesign: HVAC Design Software
Carrier offers a family of HVAC System design/engineering software products called eDesign Suite. eDesign Suite contains a collection of programs created specifically for the HVAC system designer. These programs are crafted to increase productivity and accuracy, improve analysis capabilities and job documentation, and add a level of "marketability" to a designer's estimates. Individual programs are available to assist in peak load estimating, system design, building energy modeling, life cycle cost analysis, and refrigerant piping design. The eDesign programs are written by HVAC system engineers for HVAC system engineers, and are supported by HVAC system engineers with years of field application experience. Click here to see more details about each of the eDesign Suite programs.

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