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Carrier provides a complete line of packaged air-cooled and water-cooled chillers that use screw, scroll, or reciprocating compressors. Carrier's HVAC equipment line, also offers absorption and centrifugal chiller products to meet your most demanding HVAC systems requirements.

Chiller TypeCompressor TypeRefrigerantCapacity Range (Tons)Chiller
AbsorptionSingle-Effect, Steam-FiredWater100 to 70016TJ 
Single-Effect, Hot Water75 to 52516LJ 
Double-Effect, Direct-Fired100 to 1,50016DJ 
Double-Effect, Steam-Fired98 to 132316NK 
RotaryHermetic CentrifugalR-134a200 to 1,50019XREVERGREEN®
Hermetic ScrewR-134a300 to 55023XRVEVERGREEN®
Packaged Air-CooledScrollR-229 to 5330RAAQUASNAP®
ScrollPuron®10 to 6030RAPAQUASNAP®
ScrollPuron®60 to 39030RBAQUASNAP®
ScrewR-134a80 to 50030XAAQUAFORCE®
Packaged Water-CooledReciprocatingR-2215 to 4030HWB 
R-2215 to 4030HWC 
R-2240 to 6030HK 
ScrewR-134a300 to 40030XWAQUAFORCE®
70 to 26530HXCEVERGREEN®
Packaged CondenserlessReciprocatingR-2215 to 4030HWA 
R-2250, 6030HL 
ScrewR-134a70 to 26530HXAEVERGREEN®
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