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Controls Solutions

The Carrier i-Vu® System combines state-of-the-art Carrier equipment, optional plug-and-play controllers, and the powerful, web-based i-Vu user interface to form a cohesive, intuitive, open protocol system.

The i-Vu System can be used to manage the complex application needs of large multi-story buildings or to manage the needs of less complex smaller buildings. With the i-Vu System, you can meet the growing demands for efficiency and tenant comfort by adding new HVAC equipment, plug-and-play controllers, and reporting capability. By using additional controllers and custom programming the i-Vu system can even be used to manage ancillary devices and systems such cooling towers, lighting, pumps, fans, rain water collection and sewage systems, or any other device or system within your building that can be connected using the BACnet® open protocol.

Carrier also provides a full range of non-communicating thermostats with a variety of features and styles that allow facility managers and tenants to manage indoor environmental quality.

Choose a solution below to explore the benefits of Carrier's control systems.

Carrier provides the Commercial Control System for mid to large multi-story office buildings for use with both unitary and applied equipment. This system provides improved operation efficiencies, superior comfort and environmental air quality, optimized equipment control, enhanced diagnostic capability, and interoperability with non-carrier HVAC and non-HVAC equipment using standards based open protocols.

Explore the components of the i-Vu® Commercial Applied Control System.

Carrier provides the Light Commercial Control System for smaller single story office buildings for use with unitary equipment. The system uses less complex control components to deliver exceptional comfort and energy efficiency in constant volume, variable volume/ variable temperature (VVT), and packaged variable air volume (PVAV) systems.

Explore the components of the i-Vu® Light Commercial Control System.

Carrier provides a comprehensive line of non-communicating programmable and non-programmble thermostats for use in controling a cooling/heating air source. Carrier offers five seperate thermostat products lines that provide the feature flexibility, colors, and visual styles for the most demanding commercial applications.

Explore Carrier's Non-Communicating Thermostats.

Carrier provides residential zoning systems that are capable of controlling up to eight individual residential heating and cooling zones.

Explore Carrier's Residential Zoning Systems.

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